Monday, April 13, 2009

2nd Race of the Year

One of my unofficial goals this year is to complete a race a month. Not a Tri a month, but a running race. Before I hurt my foot in 2004, I was running a 5K every 4 to 6 weeks.And, my times were improving. My race last month was the first one I've entered since July of '04.

On March 7th I ran and completed the "Running of the Green [Island]"-4 miler. My time was good for where I was a month ago, and I am glad I finished with no walk breaks. But, my time was horrific compared to everyone else who ran. Truly. Only 14 people finished behind me. If Blogger had emoticons, this would warrent the "eek" smiley. My time broke down to 11:02 minutes/mile. I didn't have any plan last month, except to finish. I had no vision of how I would do that.

This coming Saturday, I am running my second race of the year. It's a 5k...for non- runners, that's 3.1 miles. This time, I have a plan. In the Tri world, they say "Plan your race. Then race your plan." So, I'm making my plan and visualizing it every day I run this week. My goal: 10:30 minute miles. It's a bit aggressive to try to cut 32 seconds off per mile, in just one month. But I think I can do it!

Wish me luck!


PennyCandy said...

Good Luck from all of us!

I'll send you my positive enegry.

Love you Sis!

Felicia said...

Good luck! Can't wait to read all about it!

Felicia said...
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Doohickie said...

Break a leg!

No wait, that's for actors. Ummm... DON'T break a leg! And good luck!