Friday, November 28, 2008

What's a Vegetarian to Do?

Admittedly, Thanksgiving has never been my favorite Holiday. I don't need a designated day to be thankful for all that I have and all whom I know. Yes, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. But the reality is, I'm fortunate that I get to do that almost every weekend of the year.

However, now that I am a Vegetarian, I find this holiday to be a total dissappointment.

I've never liked potatoes (except for Kristens Yummy baked fingerlings!). Pies are perhaps my least favorite dessert on the planet...oh wait, I just thought of that Mexican thing that sounds like phlem. (But that's beside the point.)

Anyway... No turkey, no pie, no potatoes. What does that leave for me? I made a spinach lasagna wasn't the best I've ever made. And, sometimes my lasagna is killer, but since I don't follow a recipe, sometimes it's less than stellar. The dog liked this one. At least I'm assuming she did,since she ate two thirds of it out of the pan, the minute I turned my back.

Any menu suggestions from other vegetarians out there? I might need them for Christmas dinner.

Okay. I've decided to consider Thanksgiving the "Gateway Holiday" to the rest of the season. It's the day when I now force my family to start planning Kenzie's birthday party, and to decide when we'll go get the tree. And to figure out where we'll put it.

And, maybe I should start watching football. Atleast that would give me something to look foreward to on the day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things that make me feel young...

As a follow-up to my last post, I'm reversing my thought process. Things that make me feel young include:

1. Sprinting to the icecream truck for a fudgesickle!

2. Spending an evening with friends, giggling (yes; giggling) about absolutely nothing!

3. Completing a Triathlon!

4. Taking the "real age test" and having results that say I'm 9 years younger than my biological age!

5. Being proofed at the local liquor store. Yes, I know the sign on the wall says they proof every one. Yes, I know the man infront of me (who was about 60) was also proofed. But I'm sure that in my case, the sweet young boy behind the counter really thought I might only be 20.

6. Spending time with this man:

This is my Great Uncle Pete! He is a charactor who deserves an entire post dedicated just to him (and I may do that soon). But for this post, I will say that he always makes me laugh, and he has the spirit of a ten year old boy!

Anyone have anything to add to the list?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Things that make me feel old...

1. "Throwing" my back out. Just the phrase makes me feel old. Forget about the actual pain that goes with it.

2. Not recognizing the majority of celebrity names during Oscars/MTV Music awards/Etc.

3. Not really caring that I don't recognize these names.

4. Having an opportunity to go out on a Saturday night, and choosing to stay home instead!

5. I have NO idea what a Blackberry does, or why it's so cool.

6. Not understanding the whole "Wii" craze. Isn't it just a video game system?

7. Standing at the magazine display, and chosing "Cottage Living" over "Cosmopolitan"

Any one have anything they'd like to add?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A "First Time"

One of the greatest things about being a Mom (to me anyway) is experiencing all of the "first time's" This morning I was treated to my first full length story of the adventures of Jack and his imaginary friend, Donkey.

Yes, that's right. Jacks imaginary friend (I.F) is "Donkey". And given that he does the ears and "YeeYaw" sound every time he says Donkey, I think that it is truly a donkey he is talking about. I should also note that I have not yet seen a Donkey hanging out in our back yard, so I'm concluding that this is imaginary!

This morning as we were "nuggling" together he told me all about the adventures they had yesterday. These adventures included going to the park so that Donkey could play on the swings and slide. But Donkey fell and cried, so they left. They also went to McDonalds (2x's during the story) for cinni-minis...Thanks Moma for that exposure! They played soccer and walked the dog. They ended their day with a trip to the eye doctor, so that Donkey could get NaNa (shayna). But JackJack did not get glasses, only a lollipop!

I love imaginary friends and hearing the epic adventures that my kids take with them!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On a lighter note...

My little Shayna has glasses!

She came home last weekend and had an eye exam... This was the final result! I think she continues to grow into the meaning of her name!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Still Afraid

As anyone who knows me can guess, I am thrilled with the outcome of our recent presidential election! However, some events that occurred that day leave me sad and afraid for the direction this country is going in.

Specifically, on election day, four states passed bills and amendments that promote hate, discrimination and prejudice. I am talking about the various anti-gay legislations that were passed in Florida, California, Arkansas and Arizona. I won't attempt to talk about the details of each, because honestly, I don't need to know all of of the intricacies of each to know that they are wrong.

I am reminded of how it might have felt in the very early days of Hitlers reign in Germany. I imagine that he had a small and vocal group of supporters, who were full of hate and irrational fear. I imagine that many non-Jews must have either been unaware of the movement, or felt complacent because it didn't effect them. I imagine that by the time it became clear to the general population, just how evil this man was, people felt powerless or too afraid to speak up against Hitlers army.

Now let's look at America in 2008: The small Christian fundamentalist Right has been allowed to speak loudly about their views. Most Hetero Americans are looking the other way. It's not our concern; it doesn't really effect us; we have enough other things to worry about (economy, the wars...)

And so because so many of us didn't stand up for basic human rights, many people in 4 states have lost their rights! Based on religious fears and arguments that are based in fear and hate. Does the wording "between Man and Woman" really justify and warrent such hate?

I am married to a great guy. We have 3 beautiful and healthy kids. We voted for Obama, we own a home, and have good jobs. Life is pretty darn good for us. We have nothing to gain or lose from the issue of gay rights. Right??? Wrong! We have every thing to gain or lose. I want to live in a society that is fair to all. I want to live in a society that does not foster hate or discrimination. I want my children to be free to be themselves (whoever that may be).

So on November 15, I will take part in this:

I hope you will do so too.

If our country does not reverse the course we are on with this issue, I fear that soon there will be people forced to walk around with rainbow stars attached to their shirts and coats: No longer allowed to enter a store or office through a front door, no longer allowed to sit at the front of the bus, and no longer allowed to be parents.

Let's speak up now, while we can.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Runners High

Last week I commited to these work outs:
Monday: Swim 750 yards
Tuesday: Run 30 minutes after work.
Weds: Bike 30 minutes after work (swim if weather is bad)
Thurs: rest
Friday: Run 30 minutes after work.

For those who asked how I made out, thanks for asking! The answer: Not SO great.

Monday: Swim 900 yards. Yep...That's a full 1/2 mile. It never sounds that long to me, until I clock a half mile on my car odometer. Then I think "Oh my! That's a long way to swim!"
Tues: Freezing rain, snow and wind kept me inside. GRRR.
Weds: Laziness, and Kevins work schedule prevented a work out.
Thurs: 40 minutes on the elliptical at the Y.
Friday: No work out. Jack was sick, so I didn't get out after work. Oh well, that's life with kids. They'll always be my priority when push comes to shove.
Sat: Nothing
Sunday: 3.2 mile run!

So here's where the "Runners high" title becomes relevant. There is a phenomenon for runners called the runners high. Essentially, runners spend our career chasing it. It is that perfect run, where every thing comes together seamlessly. I had that run yesterday! It's the second time I've had it in my life.

The first time occurred when I was in 9th grade. We were at a sectional varsity cross country meet, with several other schools. There were over a 100 female runners for the varsity race. Everything came together that day, and I finished 14th! For a 9th grader, that was pretty impressive.

Yesterday, I set out with a goal to run an easy 2 miles. By the time I hit my mile marker, I knew I was having a great run, so I changed my plan for the route and hooked a left instead of a right. I was now committed to a different (harder) loop. Again, I got to the next turn point, and felt too good to head back home just then. So I kept going straight. All of a sudden, I realized that I was on a route that I haven't tackled in 4 years! There is a tough short/steep hill at the end, that always scares me a little! I got done with the run, with shaking legs and a huge smile! It felt great to be out there. I didn't wear my watch, but I'm pretty sure it was the fastest time I've had in a long time. I woke up twice in the middle of the night, thinking about the run (and smiling). Now, THAT'S why I run!

So for this week's goals: Swimming, running and maybe a Zoomba class at the Y. I've never done one, but it sounds like a lot of fun!