Saturday, October 31, 2009

3rd run in a week!

Or maybe I could count it as 4?

I did the race on Sunday.
Hit the treadmill on Thursday for 30 minutes (plus 10 of walking)
Today, I went out for a long run. Unfortunately, I think I had too much chocolate before heading out the door. Had to walk after 20 minutes of running. So, I walked for about 10 minutes, then ran another 30. That makes today at total of 50 minutes, in 2 separate runs (kinda).

I don't know...What's the general consensus? Is a 10 minute walk break enough to qualify it as 2 runs? Or does it count as one long run?

Along with that, I've decided to take today's route out of the rotation for a while. It's the route I hurt my foot on several years ago, and every time I run it, I have at least one close call with a driver pulling out of a side street without even looking. Today, I almost got knocked down by a FedEx truck, who saw me but didn't want to let me go. Even though I was well into the cross walk by the time he pulled up to it. I've decided that this route is too stressful for me. Oh well. Too bad for me, since it has some nice little hills.

Next week- I'm shooting for 4 runs!
Here's the plan:
Sunday- 30 minutes
Tuesday- treadmill 45 minutes
Thursday- 40 minutes
Saturday- 50 minutes

I have no real rhyme or reason for the times I've chosen on each day. So, if there are any suggestions for a better way to do it, that would be great!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heading Toward Healthy!

Good news! Jack has his cast off! It looks like he had a hairline fracture in the growth plate of his knee. The Dr. feels it's healed. Jack is still limping, but I'm todl that is normal. Being me, I am worried that it hasn't really healed. So, I'm keeping a close eye on him.

More good news! Shayna is also almost all better! She went back to the ENT today and was cleared to return to school. Since my parents are awesome, they are going to drive her down to NP tomorrow. That way, she doesn't have to be on the bus, and walk up to campus from downtown.

Running news: I managed to get myself to the Y tonight and hit the treadmill. Of course, when I got there, I realized that I didn't have my orthotics with me. This caused a moment of panic for me. Please understand, these are custom made orthotics that I got after I ruptured the tendon in my foot. They are a life saver for me, and the only reason I was able to return to running. I took a deep breath and thought about my options. Going back home wasn't an option. Hitting the bike would work, but I hate the seats on the gym bikes. My current sneakers are brand new, so they haven't conformed to the shape of the orthotic yet. Hmmm- do I dare try to run?


I cut my planned workout down, just to be safe. Instead of 45 minutes with a 5 minute walk, I did 10 minutes of walking with 30 minutes of running. I'm glad I took the chance, because so far my foot feels okay.

So, that's 2 runs done this week! My goal is to either do one bike and one run, or two more runs. We'll see how that works out.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Capital Region Special Surgery Race for Hope

I ran this 5k this morning.
It was a first annual, with a starting line about 3 miles from my home.

First, the good things: I got up and did it!
I didn't walk. Not even 1 step of it!
I passed a few people. That is a first for me. Usually, I'm the one being left in the dust. Don't get me wrong- obviously a few people passed me too. But still..

The challenges:
This race started with one mile uphill climb. I've never entered a race with an uphill start, so I didn't know what to expect. It wasn't easy- that's all I'm gonna say.
My legs have not fully recovered from Thursdays Tri. I know. For those of you who are hard core triathlete's out there- a 5k is a little warm up. For me, it's a workout.
Finally; I spent most of last night in the ER with Shayna. She has tonsillitis that she's been on antibiotics for since Weds. But, last night around 9 o'clock she came to me and said she was having a hard time breathing. Of course, Kevin was at a gig. But, luckily I have an awesome mother in law who came over and stayed with Mack and Jack.
Shayna's tonsils had swollen to dangerous size, and she required IV steroids/anti-inflammatory meds. After blood work, a CAT scan, and some IV meds, her tonsils went down to a more normal size. We were able to come home. I rolled into bed at about 4 AM!
So, given all of that, I'm thinking that getting up at 7:30 to walk the dog and go to the run, is pretty darn impressive! NO PR- but that's okay.
Here's the course:

I would do it again next year!

Friday, October 23, 2009

2nd Annual Home Tri! Finally!

I finally was able to run the "2nd Annual Home Tri" yesterday!
The weather was perfect! It was an unseasonably warm 70 degrees out! Due to early sunset time here, I chose to cut the bike course a little short.

Here is a "Cliff Notes" grid of my times, comparing them to last years race:

Oct 22, 2009
Swim Distance: 500 yrds
Time: 14:02
Swim Pace 2:49 (mins/100 yrds)

Bike Distance: 11.50 miles
Time: 42:43 mins
Pace: 16:15 mph

Run 5K: Time: 34:54 mins
Pace: 11:16 mins per mile

In contrast to the Sept 28, 2008 Home Tri:

Swim Distance: 600yards
Time: 16:45
Pace: 2:47 mins/100 yards

Bike Distance: 15.40 miles
Time: 62 mins
PAce: 14:22 mph

Run 5K:
Time: 38 mins
Pace: 12:26 mins per mile.

First, I should point out that I did shorten the swim by 100yards. I haven't been in the pool much, and my neck is still tender, so I opted not to push it. Given those 2 issues, I'm satisfied that I only lost 2 seconds on my splits.

The bike portion was fantastic! The weather was perfect and the sky was gorgeous! Plus, I've hardly been on the bike lately, so I was really happy to be out there. The downside to this course is that much of it is on a major road, and I was racing during rush hour traffic. It did slow me down a little, but not much. I cut 4 miles off last years course for safety reasons, as it was getting dark out pretty fast. Increasing my pace from 14:22 to 16:15 is pretty impressive!

The run: This was the same exact out and back course that we did last year. There is really only one hill, that is about 1/2 a mile long. By the time I got to the run, it was dusk, and just beautiful out! The leaves were crunching under my feet, and I almost forgot about the pain at one point! My goal was to finish the run in under 36 minutes. I hit 34:54! So, I beat my goal by more than a minute! And beat last years run time by just over 3 minutes!

I really love doing this Home Tri! Next year, I might have to hit Cafe Press and make a T-shirt for myself :).

If any one else joined me, I'd love to hear a race report.
Thanks to my Aunt, who made a donation to the "Brain, Head and Neck Cancer Center" here in Albany, to show her support for my efforts!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First, Jack seems to be doing okay with his cast. He's up and running, and not really letting him slow him down much. We go back next week for the new x-rays.

Second, the Home Tri was postponed. First, due to yucky weather. Then, due to Jack's leg. I just could not leave him for 2 hours this weekend. He really requires significant attention. Not, because he asks for it: More because he doesn't ask. He seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that he can not safely go up and down stairs with out help. I guess the silver lining to the postponement is that the weather is supposed to be much nicer tomorrow, which is when I will actually run the race.

Now, on to the issue of training. It has fallen into the category of "Non issue" It just hasn't been happening. In an effort to be more accountable, I am going to post my workouts here on the blog for a while. So, if you don't see any running minutes for a couple of days in a row- shout at me. Please. I need it.

Here we go:
Last night- treadmill run at the Y. 5k in 34:17. I don't like running in the evening. Actually, my digestive track doesn't like it. I had to slow down a few times, so that I wouldn't lose lunch. I also did 10 minutes of intervals. But, didn't keep track of times.
W-up 5 min walk
5k- 34:17
Intervals- 10 minutes (fastest pace was 9 min mile)
cool down- 5 min walk.

That's it. And, I;m serious about needing some accountability right now. Feel free to give me an earful, if I'm not running over the next couple of weeks..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nature vs. Nurture?

Jack fractured his leg. Possibly in 2 places. We have no idea how or when this happened. All we know is that yesterday morning, when he woke up he couldn't put any weight on the leg at all. He seemed fine when he went to bed the night before.

How does that happen?

We know he fell on the hike this past Sunday. But all the bruises and cuts are on the opposite leg. We can't think of any other time in the past week that he really hurt himself. We went to the playground on Weds night. He ran and played and never complained of being hurt. He was cranky when we came home, but I thought it was because he was hungry.

Then yesterday morning he got up, took about 5 steps, and that was it. That was all he could do. I took him to the orthopedist. They feel he fractured the growth plate in his knee, and possibly his tibia also. Xrays were negative, but apparently that is common with "toddler fractures"

I've been trying to figure out how this could have happened. What did we miss? When did it happen?

Then, I started thinking about the whole nature vs. nurture discussion. Our family has a long standing history of "tough guys". My Dad, is the quintessential "tough guy" when it comes to injuries. Several years ago he shattered his hip. He spent the night at home before he was willing to go to the hospital the next day.

When I was a teenager, I fell off my bike and hurt my shoulder. I never told my parents, because I didn't want to go to the Dr. Years later, when I was x-rayed for something else, the Dr informed me that I had broken my collar bone at some point in my life. I assume it was from that fall.

Before we went to the Dr, Jack kept trying to convince me that he was all better, and didn't need to go. He even tried to walk a step to prove the point. It didn't work.
Then at the Dr's Jack didn't complain once. He just sat through the exam, the x-rays, and the casting with his jaw clenched and a look of determination on his face. How does a three year old do that?
Is that Nurture: Something Kevin and I and society have instilled in him at such an early age? Or, is that Nature: some genetic link passed from my Dad to me, to Jack?

It's always an intriguing question to me.
I don't think we'll ever know for sure how or when he broke his leg. For now, we'll be thankful for the quality care he received yesterday, and that he seems to be on the mend.

Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Hikes in 2 Weekends

I love fall in the Adirondacks! I love being close enough to make day trips there. And, I love hiking in the Adirondacks-especially in the fall. For the past 2 weekends, I took advantage of the weather, and hiked.
On the first weekend, I went hiking with my friends, LC and Ryder. This was a birthday celebration for Ryder, and it has become an annual tradition. I feel so fortunate to be friends with these two smart and strong women. We've known each other our whole adult lives, and have seen each other through many life events. It's great to spend a day together, catching up and just talking about whatever comes to mind.
Here we are, at the summit of Buck Mountain.

The cool thing about this hike was that, at the summit, we were above the cloud line. So, looking down on Lake George, all you could see was clouds.

A few weeks ago, I was in Lake George with the fam. Kenz looked up at one of the mountains, and said, "Someday can you take me to the top of a mountain, Mom?" Well, that was all it took. I really love hiking, and rarely make time to do enough of it. When Shayna was younger, we used to go a couple of times a year. Those are some great memories for me. I told Kenz some of those stories, and we decided to make a plan to go hiking.
That led to yesterday's adventure. We went to Shelving Rock Mountain. The original plan was to hike Sleeping Beauty, and have Jack spend the day at my parents, but Kenz really wanted him to join us, so we changed our plans. Shayna came home for the day, and joined us too.
We did some quick online searching and found that Shelving Rock Ridge,seemed to be a trail that almost any one can do. Of course, we ended up on the wrong trail somehow, and did Shelving Rock Mountain, instead of Ridge. It was cold, but sunny.
Here they are at the trailhead.

The hike was 1.7 miles to the summit, all on a switch back old carriage road. The kids had an awesome time, searching for lizards (they found 2), snakes (they found none), and cool mushrooms.
The summit was nice, but not breathtaking.

The kids felt a huge sense of accomplishment, and were really proud of themselves when we reached the summit. On the way down, Jack took a big fall. He banged up his leg and knee, so that Kevin carried him most of the way down.
Mackenzie climbed this really cool rock that she found.

It was a great day! Kenz and Jack both been to the summit of their first mountain. And they made it to the top all on their own!
Of course, all 3 of them fell asleep in the car before we were back on the highway.

Friday, October 9, 2009

3.7 on the treadmill

I'm not a big treadmill fan. But, I deal with it when I have too. And, since I won't run outside in the dark, it becomes a regular feature of my winter workouts.

But I found something that makes it more bearable..."The Biggest Loser". That's right: The girl who NEVER turns the TV on, watched an episode of "Biggest Loser". The comercial breaks bug the heck out of me. Okay, lots of things about the show bugged me. But, watching very overweight people fight so hard to lose weight and be fit, is inspiring. It's hard to justify slowing down the pace, when your watching this show. It's hard to justify "I'll call it a day at a 5k" when these guys are giving it all they've got.

So, it might be a weekly routine, if I can remember when it's on.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Melissa and U

Jack and I spent the day together. I got a little tired of Wiggles videos on youtube, so we found this:

Life is good!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A month or so ago I wrote about my plan to organize a local 5k as a fund raiser for the non profit organization That I sit on the board of.
"Mindfull Journeys Mentors" is a brand new 501c3 organization. Our mission is to develop a network of peer supports and various mentoring programs for people with Traumatic Brain Injuries.
I did significant leg work in beginning to organize the event. Then, at our September board meeting, I realized that we would not really be ready to host a fall race. Our "Roll Out Event" will not be until sometime in November. This is when we will introduce ourselves to the Brain Injury Community, and begin to gather members.

So, the MJM 5K has been postponed until the Spring of 2010. We, as a board agreed that the first order of business must be the Roll Out.

Stay tuned for the date and event info. If you are here in the area, we'd love to have you join us!