Friday, October 9, 2009

3.7 on the treadmill

I'm not a big treadmill fan. But, I deal with it when I have too. And, since I won't run outside in the dark, it becomes a regular feature of my winter workouts.

But I found something that makes it more bearable..."The Biggest Loser". That's right: The girl who NEVER turns the TV on, watched an episode of "Biggest Loser". The comercial breaks bug the heck out of me. Okay, lots of things about the show bugged me. But, watching very overweight people fight so hard to lose weight and be fit, is inspiring. It's hard to justify slowing down the pace, when your watching this show. It's hard to justify "I'll call it a day at a 5k" when these guys are giving it all they've got.

So, it might be a weekly routine, if I can remember when it's on.

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PennyCandy said...

I've watched it once and I'm like you inspired by the people but bugged by a lot of the other stuff.