Thursday, August 28, 2008

How do I get myself into these things. Or; Training for a Triathlon

In June I bought my first bike in years. The original motivation for the purchase was to use it for commuting to work on most days. But, because I'm me, I very quickly became addicted to the speed factor. (Why do I always have a need for speed? It gets me into trouble more often than I care to admit.)
Within 2 weeks of commuting to work, I decided that I'm going to do a triathlon. Not a big scary Ironman, but a little tiny Sprint Tri. I let a few select and incredibly supportive friends in on my secret, and began training. I'm riding my bike lots, and swimming a little. Running a few days a week, and doing "brick workouts". This is when I often ask myself, "what are you thinking?"

I've chosen my race. It's the Buzzard's Bay Triathlon, on September 28. Kevin has agreed to race with me. Well, he won't really be racing with me, because he is much faster and stronger than me. But, we'll see each other at the start and finish lines.

So how did I get myself into this? I still don't really know. It seems like I often get a crazy idea or impulse and then act on it with out thinking the whole thing through. And now I'm committed to it. I mean, I bought the Tri shorts and new sneakers already. Plus, I test rode a new bike 2 weeks ago. Yes, I know my current bike is only 2 months old, but she's really for commuting. I could go much faster on the new bike that I'm eyeing. (Theres that need for speed thing again.) Doing a Tri justifies the need for a faster bike!

For now, I'm trucking along on Pip, and getting ready to embarass myslf in September. Feel free to send me any words of wisdom or training tips, because I really have no clue about what I'm doing!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First fall

Well it took longer than I expected: My first fall off my bike happened this morning. I bought Pip on June 28th (yes, my bike has a name). I've been riding almost every day since then. Honestly, I expected to fall in the first week. This morning I was commuting into work on her, in all of my commuter geekness. I know I look geeky, because Shayna tells me so! So for the last 4 miles, I decided to pick up the pace and turn it into a mini workout. I intended to run for 3 miles once I got to work.

Any way, as I was plowing through the final leg of the ride, I looked up and saw two elderly men on the trail in front of me. I see these men fairly often, so I know they do not always hear me when I shout "on your left". Feeling in a good karma sort of mood, I decided to take a detour around them so that I wouldn't scare them with my blazing speed :).

And that's when it happened: I hit the gravel as I was entering a turn, and went down pretty hard. Those 2 sweet old men came rushing over to help me up. At that point I had many thoughts. Here is what I remember:
"Lisa would love these 2 men." I know; goofy thought, but those of you who know my friend Lisa, know she gets huge crushes on old men!
"Geeze, I hope I didn't rip my new shorts!"
"It's very humbling to be helped up by 2 men in their 70's or 80's."
"MY BIKE! Oh please let her be okay." [she is]
"My panniers! Oh please let them be okay, because I just bought them, and I really love them, and they are the epitomy of my commuter geekiness."
"I knew I should've bought those gloves last weekend."
" My elbow doesn't want to move......oh wait, there it goes!"
and finally..."Wait till I show Kenzie my injuries. She'll think they're cool!"

Gravel in the palm of my hand=not fun!
Going down hard=cool adrenilin rush!

Monday, August 25, 2008

College life has started

Last Thursday we took Shayna to SUNY NewPaltz. I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of my emotions. Now that the dust has started to settle, the predominate feeling is of excitement for her.

Kev, Kenz and I drove her down to help her get settled in. The school is just over an hour from us, so there is security in knowing that we can get to her if she needs us (okay, or if I need to see her).

Through out the day, I was struck by the many juxtapositions between her maturity and her inexperience in the world. She carried herself with much poise, as she began to unpack and ran into a few people she met during orientation. I, on the other hand, turned away a few times so that she would not see the tears in my eyes. Then, we got to the book store, and she had not brought her course list with her (theres the inexperience peaking through) and look here's proof she still needs us! As she asked Kevin for help navigating the bookstore.

When the day was done, and we were leaving her, I did okay. I didn't cry...well only a little. Mostly, I will focus on the positive. My little girl is in college! She is having opportunities that I did not take advantage of at her age. She is making friends quickly, as she always does.

I have memories of little Shayna ice skating around the pond at my parents. Long legs and big heart, smiling from ear to ear. She knew she could get the "shoot the duck" and those beautiful cross overs mastered. It wasn't work for her, becasue she was so thrilled to be on her skates. I truly believe she will continue to skate through life in the same way.

Joining the world of Blogs

Thanks to Felicia and Kathy who sent me links to their blogs! It opened a whole new world for me. And it seems like the cool thing to do, since Paul is also doing it!

With Shayna away at school, I have some more time to do things like this.

Please be patient with me, and give me time to get the whole thing up and running.