Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First fall

Well it took longer than I expected: My first fall off my bike happened this morning. I bought Pip on June 28th (yes, my bike has a name). I've been riding almost every day since then. Honestly, I expected to fall in the first week. This morning I was commuting into work on her, in all of my commuter geekness. I know I look geeky, because Shayna tells me so! So for the last 4 miles, I decided to pick up the pace and turn it into a mini workout. I intended to run for 3 miles once I got to work.

Any way, as I was plowing through the final leg of the ride, I looked up and saw two elderly men on the trail in front of me. I see these men fairly often, so I know they do not always hear me when I shout "on your left". Feeling in a good karma sort of mood, I decided to take a detour around them so that I wouldn't scare them with my blazing speed :).

And that's when it happened: I hit the gravel as I was entering a turn, and went down pretty hard. Those 2 sweet old men came rushing over to help me up. At that point I had many thoughts. Here is what I remember:
"Lisa would love these 2 men." I know; goofy thought, but those of you who know my friend Lisa, know she gets huge crushes on old men!
"Geeze, I hope I didn't rip my new shorts!"
"It's very humbling to be helped up by 2 men in their 70's or 80's."
"MY BIKE! Oh please let her be okay." [she is]
"My panniers! Oh please let them be okay, because I just bought them, and I really love them, and they are the epitomy of my commuter geekiness."
"I knew I should've bought those gloves last weekend."
" My elbow doesn't want to move......oh wait, there it goes!"
and finally..."Wait till I show Kenzie my injuries. She'll think they're cool!"

Gravel in the palm of my hand=not fun!
Going down hard=cool adrenilin rush!


Felicia said...

I am so excited to have a fellow blogger! But your bike accident does not sound fun! And I think it's cute that you named your bike! I think my bikes name is "neglected", lol!

Doohickie said...

Please tell me you wear a helmet, Heidi!

HeidiTri's said...

Of course I wear a helmet! Do you remember that I work with adults with TBI?

Kathy Young said...

Ok I think the real question here is who is teaching the kids to ride? :)
I hope you are ok. Sometimes it takes a while before you feel all the painful spots.

HeidiTri's said...

Kenz taught herself to ride! She's a champ!

I'm heading to the Doc today to have them check my elbow. I can't bend it all the way, there's still a lot of swelling, pain and numbness in my hand.

I want it checked before I get in the pool tomorrow.

Doohickie said...

My suggestion is to just ride a bike vicariously for a while: Click here