Saturday, October 31, 2009

3rd run in a week!

Or maybe I could count it as 4?

I did the race on Sunday.
Hit the treadmill on Thursday for 30 minutes (plus 10 of walking)
Today, I went out for a long run. Unfortunately, I think I had too much chocolate before heading out the door. Had to walk after 20 minutes of running. So, I walked for about 10 minutes, then ran another 30. That makes today at total of 50 minutes, in 2 separate runs (kinda).

I don't know...What's the general consensus? Is a 10 minute walk break enough to qualify it as 2 runs? Or does it count as one long run?

Along with that, I've decided to take today's route out of the rotation for a while. It's the route I hurt my foot on several years ago, and every time I run it, I have at least one close call with a driver pulling out of a side street without even looking. Today, I almost got knocked down by a FedEx truck, who saw me but didn't want to let me go. Even though I was well into the cross walk by the time he pulled up to it. I've decided that this route is too stressful for me. Oh well. Too bad for me, since it has some nice little hills.

Next week- I'm shooting for 4 runs!
Here's the plan:
Sunday- 30 minutes
Tuesday- treadmill 45 minutes
Thursday- 40 minutes
Saturday- 50 minutes

I have no real rhyme or reason for the times I've chosen on each day. So, if there are any suggestions for a better way to do it, that would be great!

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