Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First, Jack seems to be doing okay with his cast. He's up and running, and not really letting him slow him down much. We go back next week for the new x-rays.

Second, the Home Tri was postponed. First, due to yucky weather. Then, due to Jack's leg. I just could not leave him for 2 hours this weekend. He really requires significant attention. Not, because he asks for it: More because he doesn't ask. He seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that he can not safely go up and down stairs with out help. I guess the silver lining to the postponement is that the weather is supposed to be much nicer tomorrow, which is when I will actually run the race.

Now, on to the issue of training. It has fallen into the category of "Non issue" It just hasn't been happening. In an effort to be more accountable, I am going to post my workouts here on the blog for a while. So, if you don't see any running minutes for a couple of days in a row- shout at me. Please. I need it.

Here we go:
Last night- treadmill run at the Y. 5k in 34:17. I don't like running in the evening. Actually, my digestive track doesn't like it. I had to slow down a few times, so that I wouldn't lose lunch. I also did 10 minutes of intervals. But, didn't keep track of times.
W-up 5 min walk
5k- 34:17
Intervals- 10 minutes (fastest pace was 9 min mile)
cool down- 5 min walk.

That's it. And, I;m serious about needing some accountability right now. Feel free to give me an earful, if I'm not running over the next couple of weeks..


Shirley said...

Hi, sorry to hear about your little guy's broken leg...but it sounds like it's just another big adventure for him! I never got to do the "virtual tri" either...due to stuff like weather, a dead battery in my bike computer, lap swim times at the pool or what route I could take for the bike ride that is close to the pool, etc. Maybe I could do an indoor tri, because I have a free three-visit pass to the local Y this month. Of course, it would be kinda wimpy...using a treadmill and a stationary bike! :)

PennyCandy said...

Shirley - my doc says exercise is excercise doesn't matter where when or how so maybe a "virtual tri" is just that not mattering when, where or how.

Heidi - run! There I yelled.