Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things that make me feel young...

As a follow-up to my last post, I'm reversing my thought process. Things that make me feel young include:

1. Sprinting to the icecream truck for a fudgesickle!

2. Spending an evening with friends, giggling (yes; giggling) about absolutely nothing!

3. Completing a Triathlon!

4. Taking the "real age test" and having results that say I'm 9 years younger than my biological age!

5. Being proofed at the local liquor store. Yes, I know the sign on the wall says they proof every one. Yes, I know the man infront of me (who was about 60) was also proofed. But I'm sure that in my case, the sweet young boy behind the counter really thought I might only be 20.

6. Spending time with this man:

This is my Great Uncle Pete! He is a charactor who deserves an entire post dedicated just to him (and I may do that soon). But for this post, I will say that he always makes me laugh, and he has the spirit of a ten year old boy!

Anyone have anything to add to the list?


Doohickie said...

Hiya Uncle Pete!

PennyCandy said...

I know my students are just buttering me up but when they tell me I look 35 that makes me feel good.

PeggyD Mom On Bike said...

Cute list!
Umm, I'd have to say dancin around the family room with my little ones to Dora and Diego music (or any kids music) without a care in the world-just feelin the beat and letting our bodies go!

HeidiTri's said...

Summersaults on the living room couch! Shhh.. don't tell Kev that not only was I encouraging the kids to do this, but I was also the initiator and most enthusiastic participant!

PennyCandy said...

Oh I have a new one. Today I ran into someone I have not seen in at least 9 years and was told that I look younger than I used to. It sure made me feel good.