Thursday, November 13, 2008

A "First Time"

One of the greatest things about being a Mom (to me anyway) is experiencing all of the "first time's" This morning I was treated to my first full length story of the adventures of Jack and his imaginary friend, Donkey.

Yes, that's right. Jacks imaginary friend (I.F) is "Donkey". And given that he does the ears and "YeeYaw" sound every time he says Donkey, I think that it is truly a donkey he is talking about. I should also note that I have not yet seen a Donkey hanging out in our back yard, so I'm concluding that this is imaginary!

This morning as we were "nuggling" together he told me all about the adventures they had yesterday. These adventures included going to the park so that Donkey could play on the swings and slide. But Donkey fell and cried, so they left. They also went to McDonalds (2x's during the story) for cinni-minis...Thanks Moma for that exposure! They played soccer and walked the dog. They ended their day with a trip to the eye doctor, so that Donkey could get NaNa (shayna). But JackJack did not get glasses, only a lollipop!

I love imaginary friends and hearing the epic adventures that my kids take with them!


NP Diva said...

Awww!!!! That makes me so sad! I hate not being close to home to experience that kind of stuff w/ them :-/
Can you have him call me tonight so he can tell me the story??!!??

Felicia said...

And in my mind, it's the donkey from Shrek! lol!

PennyCandy said...

I love the cini-mini's part. I guess there are worse things that they could expose him to. I remember having an imaginary friend but mine lived in the woods. I thought of Eyore from Pooh especially when he fell.

HeidiTri's said...

Eeyore and Shrek are interesting thoughts! Whoever Donkey is, he seems to sleep a lot. Several times yesterday I overheard Jack whispering, "3,5,4,6...WAKE UP Donkey!"

Derrick and I had imaginary Grandparents. They lived on the large rocks on the side of the road. They used to bake us cookies!!

PeggyD Mom On Bike said...

How cute! I love hearing about my son's imaginary friends too! I haven't heard about him much in several months, but my son's I.F. was named Cacho. Now he has imaginary band members that play concerts with him (he's five), very entertaining!
Heiditri, thanks for the comments and participating in the challenge! You're an inspiration!