Friday, July 23, 2010

A Week at Lewey Lake

We rented a cabin on Lewey Lake in the Adirondacks this past week. One of the amazing things about where we live, is that we are less than 2 hours away from the Adirondack Park.
Lewey is a small lake just south of Indian Lake. I had some trepidation about this vacation, because in my snobbery, I was worried that it couldn't compare to a week on the Cape. It was not a week on the Cape, but it was great in it's own right.

First, was the fact that we were able to bring Cammie with us. She had a fantastic time. She joined us for almost every outing and adventure that we took for the week. She spent hours on the beach with us, and nights by the fire.
We had opportunities to kayak and canoe several times. Mack and Jack both love to kayak, as do I. They both put a great deal of effort into learning how to paddle and steer this week. I think that Mack is almost ready to tackle a single kayak in calm water.

Shayna was with us for a few days.

The cabin sat on top of a hill. We walked across a beautiful field and were at the small sandy beach. The kids were able to play with a tube in the water, and they loved it!

On Thursday, we went for a short hike to Auger Falls. This is listed in several hiking books a s a child friendly hike, and it proved to be worth the walk.
After our trip to the falls, we were lead back to the car by our Forest Ninjas.

All together, it was a great week!
On a side a note, not much training happened this week!

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Felicia said...

Sounds awesome and looks beautiful!!! I love canoeing!