Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some New Things

As usual, things have changed a little bit around here. Shayna has gone back to school for the last half of her Junior year. We miss her terribly, but she's happy at school, so we're happy for her. Plus, we have Skype now, so we can see her every day....if she doesn't ignore us :)
But, don't worry about us too much. We aren't suffering from a quiet house, or the absence of a young adult. My nephew moved in with us for a little while. He chose to move up to chilly NY, from Texas. We are so fortunate that he is staying here with us, while he gets on his feet. Mack and Jack love having him around. Kevin and I do, too. I think it's a bigger adjustment for him, than it is for us. I mean, he's never actually lived with little kids before.
He seems to be settling in fairly well. Cammie loves having him around. Mack has convinced him to play Scrabble and Legos with her. Jack has twisted his arm to play army guys ( a game that I dread having to play), and today they created an airplane together.

Everyone's having fun!

On a training note: I've been sidelined by illness.
I haven't had a single workout in over a week now, because of some respiratory thing that I managed to catch. But, in preparation for when I can return to the track, I picked up a pair of these:

Vibram Five Fingers! AKA, Barefoot running shoes. The theory is that with a minimalist shoe, we use our feet in a healthier way. There is a huge movement of runners using these shoes. My hope is that I will have a reduction in injuries, as I slowly transition to these shoes. I've been wearing them around the house every day, and I love them so far! I'll let you know how they feel for running, if I ever get out there again.
That's it for now. Stay healthy and have fun out there!


PennyCandy said...

I like the new running shoe; I've heard lots of great things about them I hope they work well for you.

Army guys I remember those days along with scrabble and legos.

Great post and thanks for sharing.

Felicia said...

Great picture! I didn't know that Andrew was living with you guys...that's definitely a big change!

And....those shoes freak me out! LOL! A friend of mine has them and he loves them, although he doesn't run he just stands on his feet all day at work.

We have Skype too! Look me up and maybe one night when it's not so crazy here you can "meet" Parker!

Mindy Faith said...

Those Vibrams do look nice. I want some but I worry about their lack of ankle support. We'll have to get together soon. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for the run!

HeidiTri's said...

Mindy, I think that you need much less ankle support with the VFF, because you're at ground level.
Do you tend to twist or roll your ankles when you are walking barefoot?