Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week-end wrap up

It's been a busy week.
I  got 3 runs in this past week. The mileage total was 17. We had some unsafe road conditions on 2 mornings. Because of all the nasty snowy, cold, icy weather we've had this year, I bit the bullet and joined Planet Fitness on Friday. The plan is to hit the gym 2 mornings a week, on my way to work. So, tomorrow, I'm going for the first time to have a session with the trainer to learn proper technique on some of the machines.
Schedule for this week:
    Monday- the gym (just for learning the machines)
    Tues- 4 miles
     Weds- strength training at the gym
    Thurs- 5 miles
    Sat- 4 miles
    Sun- 9.3 miles. HMRRC Winter series 15K race.
   Total miles goal: 22.3

In the rest of my life this week, we've been busy with regular work and school things. Yesterday was a marathon sewing day. The problem is that, Mack and Jack both wanted to sew, so my time on the machine was limited.
Jack made his first ever pillow! Mack taught him all of the skills she recently learned at a Joanne's sewing class. It was wonderful to watch them work on this together. Here's his final project.

Mack spent her time working on the quilted pillow that she began doing at the Joann's class last weekend. Here's the quilted front of the pillow.

I'll post pictures of my 2 projects, when they're complete.
After all the sewing, we sat down and had a family dinner, which evolved into a game of "telephone" remember that game? Where we pass a secret sentence around the room, whispering it into each others ears? Well, it got a little silly. Here's a photo of one of my favorite moments in the game.
Today, Shayna came to spend the day with us. she was finally able to celebrate Christmas with Moma and Pops. She and Jack had lots of snuggle time, since Mack was busy at Odyssey practice.
Overall, it was a busy and productive weekend. Hopefully, I'll get to do some of my own sewing tomorrow, since it's MLK day, and I don't have to work this year!


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