Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Came Early!

Winter here in Upstate New York has arrived. It's not too cold or snowy (yet), but it's dark until after 7AM and by 4:15PM! So, I was already starting to go a bit stir crazy!

One of the things I've learned about exercise is that the more I get, the more I want. This is a problem when it's dark out for all of my free hours every day!

So, what's a girl to do? The only option was to convince my dear husband that a CycleOps fluid trainer is a great investment! My trusty Craigs List link, actually made this a fairly easy task. Last weekend we picked up a fluid trainer and all the niceties for a very sweet price.

One of the great things about this, is that I am thinking about cutting way back on my running for the winter. It's too dark, and I get hurt way to easy when I try to run in the dark. And, I am one of those people who can not use the treadmill! I'm the crazy lady at the gym who goes flying off of it every time I try to go faster than a slug!

And for those who were hoping I might come to my senses and give up the Triathlon obsessiveness, I assure you that the bike trainer allows me to continue training through the winter!

Bike on the trainer! Swim at the Y! And now, I've added Pilates for some badly needed core strengthening!

Look out 2009 race season!


Felicia said...

I'm glad you wrote that you'll be biking on your trainer, b/c I had no idea what that was! lol! And I did a little bit of pilates in my Nia class and I loved it! I need to start doing that....my core needs it as well!

Felicia said...
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PennyCandy said...

I've actually been considering joining a gym so that I can do pilates as well. The bike thing now away I fall of a stationary bike so a real one is out of the question.

Doohickie said...

Hmmm... a trainer? They have those all the time on Craigslist. Maybe I can pick one up. I can use it, and if PennyCandy wants to try, I could set it up with a smaller bike for her.

HeidiTri's said...

Doohickie-Definately look into the trainer! It's a good workout, but I'm sure you need to use it less then me because of your warmer temps.

I got the block for the front tire, so it's pretty solid. I don't even tip it when I get off with wobbly legs at the end of the session.