Friday, June 5, 2009

Fuji Bordeaux


I found my new bike!

Last week I came to the conclusion that The Bea was definatley not the right size for me, and it was time to let her go. She found a new home last Friday night, with a young guy who's been riding his Dad's 1973 Schwinn something. He even liked her name! So, I was sad to see her go, but I think she's being ridden now.

Then, I sold CLick at a garage sale on Saturday. And my ancient Ovation Accoustic guitar at the same garage sale. And a bunch of other ridiculous cra...I mean products that other people desperately needed andwill love dearly.

And, I had enough for some serious bike shopping. I almost bought a Bianchi from CL, but my gut told me to hold off. Then, I almost went for a Trek 1000. Again, my gut said "wait". Both were very nice bikes, but they were showing their age.

So I waited, and hit a few bike shops during my lunch breaks every day this week, to try out some brands and sizes. Tonight I picked up a 2005 Fuji Bordeaux! Here she is... (with the awesome Mack-Attack helping me out!)

At 19.5 lbs, she's very light and fast. I have to get used to the shifting system, but that's okay. The shifting is smooth. It's a great fit, and the woman who owned her was the same height/ general size as me.

The best part is, it didn't wipe out my whole budget! So I still have (a little) spending money for my trip to TX in a couple of weeks!!


Doohickie said...


Finally! A bike to love!

PennyCandy said...

Yeah for the bike and double yeah for the trip to Texas. Can't wait to see you and Mack.

Anonymous said...

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