Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Next Race

I've signed up fo another 5k. This one is in the same state park as the last race I did, but a slightly different course.

The race is to benefit an area family who's little girl has Leukemia. All of the proceeds go to Ava's family. The entry fee is higher than anything I usually consider, but supporting this family is worth it.

There are lots of area races, so I choose which ones I'll participate in by 3 criteria: What is the cause I'm running for? What is the entry fee? and what is the actual course?

If there are 2 races close together that are appealing, then I resort to my tie-breaking question: "Who has the cooler race t-shirt?"

I'm curious, if you are a runner/triathlete, how do you choose your events?

1 comment:

PennyCandy said...

If I ran I would use the cool shirt and the snacks that are at the end of the race.