Thursday, July 16, 2009

More from Texas

I have a few more pictures to share from Texas.

First, the 1981 Fuji Mixte that Doohickie found and fixed up! This is the bike I took on our 35 mile ride Saturday morning.

The funny thing about this picture is this: in my home, I keep my bike in the exact same spot as this one. And, it drives both of our spouses crazy that Doohickie and I bring our bikes into the living room. I am luckier than Doohickie, because I also have one in my bedroom, which Mrs. Doohickie has banned from occurring in her home.

On Friday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. This is a picture of Mackenzie with her two oldest cousins.
One of my cousins joined us at the zoo with her two adorable little ones. However, out of respect for their privacy, I am not posting a photo of them. It was wonderful to see them, and I'm thankful they were willing to make the 2 hour ride down for the day.

Kenz was really looking forward to doing Legos with her big cousins. They graciously obliged and spent a great deal of time building things with her.

Finally, the Doohickie family has a cat. Apparently this cat does not like to be touched or bothered by most people.

Mackenzie appears to be the exception to that rule!

It was a great trip, although much too short.


Felicia said...

Fun times! Great pics!

PennyCandy said...

It was a fun visit and way to short. These pictures are great. Has Mack told Pops that she went to Cousin's for dinner?