Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Winds of Change Aren't So Strong After All

Well, I thought the winds of change were blowing in my life, and I was hopeful.
But, it turned out to be more of a slight summer breeze, rather than the major change in weather pattern that I was hoping for.

I have learned a great deal in the past couple of weeks. About myself, my husband, and life in general.

I did meet with the man from the company I wrote a letter to, and I walked away believing it was a great meeting. We seemed to have similar visions for where things could go in this venture. He said that he had to meet with his accountant and put together some numbers. He said that he'd get back to me soon with the next steps in the process. I walked away from the meeting energized and excited.
I came home and shared the news with Kevin. As excited and enthusiastic as I was, he was equally anxious and fearful. There were too many unknowns for him, and he couldn't get comfortable with the idea of believing it will all be okay. As we were talking all of this out over a few days, I also had a job offer from my former employer.

Herein lied my dilemma: The company I used to work for wanted an acceptance or denial of the position by this past Weds. I hadn't heard from the other company by Wednesday night.
And, I was faced with some difficult decisions at the last minute. Do I accept the sure thing, or take the chance?
Continue to listen to my heart, or play it safe?
Do I chose My goals and dreams at the expense of my husbands comfort level?

Ultimately, I chose to accept the job offer from my previous employer. It is a job I know and like. I'm good at it. In today's economy, I was lucky to have three agencies to choose from. So, I chose the one I am most comfortable with.

The dust is still settling from the decision I've made and the events leading up to it. I'm not sure yet what the long term results will be from my decisions. I do know that I'll still pursue getting my USAT Tri Coaching certification. In the spring, I may look to start up another running club for girls, although I don't think it will be through Girls Inc. again.

And the Beat Goes On...


NP Diva said...

I know that you're struggling with this decision... But I'm here for you and I support you in whatever you decide to do next :-*
Love you <3

Anonymous said...
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