Monday, October 18, 2010

Renewed Focus on Running

Since I broke my foot last March, my running has suffered. I've been hesitant to push too hard. I've allowed the slightest twinge of pain to be reason to stop and evaluate the situation. In short, I have lost my mojo.

Well, mojo or not, I'm being prodded to get my butt in gear. First, my closest friend in life has asked me to do a 5k with her. She hasn't done one in about 20 years, but she wants to do one on October 30. Of course, I said yes! Kevin is going to run it with us also. Let me clarify that: Kevin will be at the starting line with us. He will be eating his third banana by the time we cross the finish line.

Last week, my high school friend that does tri's, Andrea, Face Booked me and asked if I'd be interested in training for a marathon with her. At first I said yes, but upon further thought, I've decided to train for a Half Marathon instead. This has sort of taken on a life of it's own, since a few Tamarac alumni and I have discussed the possibility of organizing a 1/2 Mary as a fund raiser for a former teacher of ours, who is battling Myeloma Cancer.

I completed week one of the training program for the 1/2 marathon, this past Saturday. Week 2 is a repeat of the first week.

Sun- rest/ or bike
Monday- 30 minute run
Tues- bike
Weds- 30 minute pool jogging (to prevent injury)
Thurs- 30 min run
Fri- rest
Sat- 60 minute run.

That's not so hard. This seems like an obtainable goal.

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vibram said...

Indeed such an obtainable goal...COngrats.