Thursday, November 4, 2010

Troy YMCA 5k report

On Saturday Oct 30th, I ran the 5th annual Troy YMCA's Monster Madness 5k. Kevin and our friend Ryder joined us.Actually, Ryder roped me into this one. She hadn't run a 5k in 20 years, and wanted some one to plan to run with.

Hmmm. Great idea. Except that she kicked my butt and left me in the dust! She really did fantastic. The first half of this race is mostly uphill, with a few areas of flat grade. Ryder was smart and trained on the course, which paid off for her.

Kevin also did fantastic! He ran sub 9 minute miles, finishing in just over 27 minutes.

As for me, let's just say that I am motivated to run another 5k before the end of 2010. Because I really can't let my time in this race be my best time of the year. The uphills wreaked havoc on my ankle. On several of the hills, I had to walk, because it was locking up on me. When I heard my time at the 2 mile marker, I had to do some serious adjustments to my goals for the day.

The good news is, that I found a first annual Turkey Trot to take part in on Thanksgiving morning. The course is flat, and the flyer welcomes walkers, so I think it won't be super competitive.
Last night I drove over to Bethlehem after work and ran the course. I had the map in my pocket and had to stop twice to be sure I was going in the right direction. I truly have minimal sense of direction and was starting to convince my self I was going the wrong way, when another runner came by, saw the map, and assured me I was heading the right way.

Even after all of that, I took 1:20 minutes off of my time from Saturdays 5k! I'm feeling better already. It's amazing what a flat course can do for me.

In other news, I've been working diligently to organize a half marathon in my home town. I've been asked to present my ideas at the Town meeting next week, and once I have approval to go ahead with the plans, I'll give more details! For now, wish me luck.

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