Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Night at the Y

I finally tried my first Zumba class tonight. Shayna and I went to one at our Y. Let's just say I was a bit disappointed. With the whole event.

We got to the Y 5 minutes early and brought the kids into the Children's corner. I walked in the door and was approached, rather aggressively by one of the staff members. She put the sign up sheet under my nose and proceeded to tell me that I had signed my kids up wrong...yada yada blah yuck blah. I felt put on the defensive, in a room full of parents and kids. Essentially, she told me about all these rules they have for the sign up sheet, that I'm fairly certain she was making up as she went along. It wasn't pretty. Plus, if you're going to be mad at me because you "Tried to call me twice about it"...copy my number down correctly from the page I wrote it on!! Moron!

Okay-now Shayna and I were 5 minutes late for our class. I don't like being late. The room was packed when we open the door. We were stuck at the back of the room, where I could not see the instructor.

I am not a dancer. I've never taken a dance class in my life. My "freestyle" of dance developed solidly in 1984. Remember the Springsteen video with "Monica" from friends-before she was Monica? That's me. Bryan Adams? big haired BonJovi? Pat Benetar? Yep. That's my dance style!

Unfortunately for me, Zumba is based in "world rhythms and dances". So, Shayna and I spent much time laughing at me! Class goes left-Heidi goes right. Class goes back-Heidi goes forward. Latin based moves-Heidi looks ridiculous. Class wiggles hips- Heidi looks like C-3PO. We were cracking up!

The downside of the class was that: It didn't come close to providing me with a cardio workout. I think the 45 minute runs and hour long workouts on the trainer have put me way ahead of where this class was at. The other problem, is that many of the moves were lateral, which killed my knee and aggravated the heck out of my foot.

The positives about the class were that Shayna really enjoyed it. We rarely get to exercise together, because we have different tastes in what we like to do, so this was a great opportunity. Plus, she was really good at it. You would've thought she's done the class a bunch of times.

So, I think next time I'll convince Kevin to go with her to the class, and I'll hit the treadmill or pool for the hour. Maybe it's hard to teach an old triathlete new tricks?


Doohickie said...

Class wiggles hips- Heidi looks like C-3PO.

Hey, at least you didn't look like R2D2.

Felicia said...

Oh, I think it sounds like fun! At least you tried something new!

PennyCandy said...

I think it is cool that you and Shayna got to do this together.

Doohickie said...

I just noticed you have BOTH of my blogs linked.

You rock. ;- )

NP Diva said...

hahahahaha.... C-3PO.... hahahaha.... and I've been saying it all along, it's about the abs Mommy :-) It's all about the absssss