Monday, March 9, 2009

This past weekend

Starting on Thursday night, it was a busy weekend. Here are a few of the high-lights.

Shayna's 19th birthday celebration. We had Indian food and a Chocolate Chip cookie cake. This year, it was just the 5 of us, because her trip home last week was not planned in advance.

Saturday morning was the day of my first ever 4 mile run! It was also the first race I've entered in about 5 years. Too bad for me that I did not realize this was not some laid back little 5k charity run. The first 265 runners all finished in under 8 minute miles! I did not.
(Please note, that you may all call me "Medal Girl" now!)

Then it was off to Syracuse for the weekend!

The hotel had an indoor pool that the kids loved! I liked that it was warmer than the water at the "Y".

Mack was ready for bed!

Jack was NOT!

Sunday was a fantastic day. So great, in fact, that I neglected to take a single picture! Some of the highlights included our time in the pool. Jack swam with arm floaties for the first time ever. He loved it, and would not let me touch him, once he had them on! We went to hear the NYS Select High School Jazz band perform. One of Kevin's students was one of the 4 saxophonists, so it was great to hear her perform.
Then we went to the "Most Science Museum" for 3 hours. The kids loved it there. There was a 5 story climbing structure, a simulated cave to explore, and many interactive exhibits for them. It would be worth a return trip in the future. I love to see them running and learning and laughing.

As the weekend ends, I'll close by saying- Happy 19th birthday to my awesome daughter, Shayna! Although we couldn't spend the day with you, you are always in our hearts!


Felicia said...

Hey Medal Girl~ that sounds like an awesome weekend!!

PennyCandy said...

Medal Girl that just rolls right off the tongue. How cool is that? Does it have a shamrock on it? See you soon.

NP Diva said...

Wish I could've been there for the whole weekend!!!