Friday, October 24, 2008

True Story

The other day I ran into a woman who I have a minimal acquaintence with. We were talking about a few things, and some how the conversation turned to the increase in illnesses that used to be infrequent or rare. Here's where the conversation went:

Me: "I'm fascinated by the increase in children who have peanut allergies."

Crazy Lady[name changed]: Why does that fascinate you?

Me: It seems like 20 years ago, no one had peanut allergies. I wonder what happened to cause such a drastic change.

CL: (with a very serious face and tone of voice): Isn't it obvious? God is punishing us for electing Jimmy Carter to the presidency.

Me: (considerably silence)..."Wow." (more silence) "I have to go run some errands. Take care."


Felicia said...


PennyCandy said...

Okay than! So is the high price of oil a punishment for electing both Bushes?

Doohickie said...

Did she ever explain to you why she changed her name to Crazy Lady?
;- )