Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More pictures!

Kevin, preparing to "teach" me how to cut onions without crying. I believe I told him that since he had pefected the technique, he could cut all the onions from now on!

Pirate Mack! Halloween of 2007!

My Love.

Mom and Dad with the Northeast grandchildren. I love catching my Dad in such tender moments.


Felicia said...

Well don't hold out on us! What's the trick to cutting onions without crying? Is it to keep them in the fridge? I've heard soaking them in ice cold water for 20 minutes beforehand helps, but I always remember that AS I'm cutting! lol!

HeidiTri's said...

It's the swim goggles that he is wearing in the picture!

PennyCandy said...

Tell Kev that he is by the most creative man I know. It must be because he is "medal man" or "stuperman". I really like the one with the two of you together.

HeidiTri's said...

Scroll down to the picture of Mom and Dad that I posted on 2/7...then back to the one of Kevin and I....It's a bit earie.

PennyCandy said...

Oh my gosh that is to funny.