Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Etiquette for New Gym Members

The alternate title for this post is:
"Hey, All you Clueless New Years Resolutionists: Learn some Gym Etiquette!"
Let me start by saying, I understand and accept that the gym is going to be extremely busy in January. I try to be patient with all the new people. After all, at some point in the past most of us started working out because of a resolution we made to ourselves. I joined the gym several years ago to use the pool. My foot had a chronic injury and I needed to find a new type of exercise that I could do. I am very aware that I was clueless about pool etiquette at that time. But, I asked questions. OF every one! I asked lifeguards, and other swimmers, and general staff. You get the point.

I wish my gym would have a letter or post basic etiquette up for beginners to read.This is where I would start:

In the Locker room:
1. There is one bench for 20 lockers. Therefore, it would stand to reason, that said bench is not there for your use exclusively. Please share.
2. If you drag hair on the shower walls, clean it up when you leave the shower.
3. Put some clothes on! There is really no need to blow dry your hair completely naked.
4. If you track mud into the locker room, grab a paper towel and clean it up.
5. The sign that says, "Children are not allowed in the Woman's changing room." Is referring to all children. Your "adorable" 7 year old son does not belong in the woman's locker room.

The Pool:
1. Children do not belong in the lap lanes. I don't care how adorable you think they are.
2. Look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the locker room. If your bathing suit is see through- we don't want to see you!
3. Please don't dive into my lap lane from the deep end. There's no guarantee that I saw you enter my lane.
4. That sign that says "Please shower before entering the pool" Means YOU!

The Fitness Center:
1. Cell phones don't belong in the gym.
2. If you are standing on a treadmill, Use the treadmill.
3. This one is for your own safety: If you are so out of breath that you have to jump onto the side bars of the treadmill, while it keeps going, you're going too fast.
4. It's not cool to drop the free weights, so hard that it gives me a heart attack on the treadmill.

That's it for now. If you are a gym member, I'm sure you have your own list.


PennyCandy said...

And that is why I will stay home and use my Wii Fit. I do not want to deal with that mess, it would not relax me in the least.

Staci Dombroski said...

It is crazy how some people do not use proper etiquette at the gym... or other places for that matter :-)

Felicia said...

Do people really blow dry their hair naked? I thought that only happened in the movies! lol! (maybe that's just proof of how often I go to a gym). I thought this was hillarious! True, but hillarious!

HeidiTri's said...

Yep. They really blow dry their hair, completely naked. Not quite sure why.
The guy on the treadmill scared me- I thought he was going to have a heart attack!

Anonymous said...


Your not kidding about women blow drying their hair naked! It's exactly like that at my gym too.

In fact, they also seem to love to do their makeup, walk around and carry on conversations all while totally nude at my gym. There's even a well known TV-news-anchor woman that goes to my gym that carries on that full nude routine in the locker room. On a few occasions I've seen her sign a few autographs while standing there nude at the makeup counter in the locker room.

I wish I had there confidence to tell you the truth.

It doesn't bother me if there are little girls in the women's locker room. But no boys over the age of 3 should be in there.