Tuesday, September 9, 2008

19 days and counting! My first ever Tri is getting closer, and it's been a busy week. Kevin and I both officially registered for the Tri, so there's no looking back now!

Of course, life keeps rolling and it isn't always smooth. Kenz has been sick for over a week with a fever that comes and goes, and low energy levels. I'd been attributing it to the stress of starting school, but by Sunday it was obvious to me that there was more going on.

So at 1 in the afternoon, I packed her up and we went to the local on-call facility. The nurse measured her oxygen level, and said,"there were 4 people in front of her to see the Dr. but he''ll be in in 2 minutes." Her oxygen was registering at 88, which is not good. The DR. came right in and informed me that we would be going to Albany Med by ambulance, as he suspected pneumonia. I knew she was really sick, when she didn't care that 3 firefighters came into the exam room to see her.

Kevin met us at AMC, where they placed her in the pediatric Emergency Department and started O2 immediately. She was a total trooper, and didn't move when they put the IV in her hand. The only thing that prompted a response from her was when the xray tech gave her a "My Pretty Pony" sticker; To which she responded, "oh yuck!!" 7 hours and one IV antibiotic treatment later, she was released to home. She was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.

She still is not back to her usual energy level, but is getting a little better every day. Today she is home with Moma. We go to her pediatrician tomorrow to see how she is doing. She is still at risk of needing hospitalization, if her O2 levels are not strong. So, please send positive thoughts her way.

So with all of the Kenzie concerns, training has taken a back seat. I did get in a 15 mile bike ride on Saturday. The first 10 miles were with Jack and Kenz riding in the bike trailer, so I'm feeling like that was a good solid workout. Tonight I'll hit the pool and possibly do a run. The weather is horrible here, so the run is questionable.



PennyCandy said...

Prayers are being said for Kenz and hopefully she will be well enough to return to school soon and more importantly to her normal active and happy self.

Felicia said...

Poor Girl! Hopefully she won't have to go back to the hospital!