Friday, September 5, 2008

In the category of "WTH"

Kenz started kindergarten on Weds. on Thursday Kev got a call from the guidance counselor. (You'll LOVE this).

The k-garteners are asked to bring in a complete change of clothing to keep in the classroom, so we packed some up for Kenz. The outfit was her normal clothing-boy jeans, basketball shirt, and Spiderman undies.

Apparently, the classroom aide had an issue with the underwear, and brought it to the attention of the school PSYCHOLOGIST!! They didn't talk to the teacher, but went right to the school social worker, Mrs. G. (who we know well). So Mrs G. called Kev, to ask if perhaps there was a mistake, and they were actually Jacks (although every thing was clearly labeled with her name.)

I was SO mad! Kev was completely shocked. All he could really think to say was that yes they are hers, it is what she chooses to wear, and he doesn't feel that it should be any one's business or concern. We support her right to be who she is. (good job Kev!!)

So I called today to find out: Who exactly had the concern, and what the specific concerns are. I guess that Mrs. G, the teacher and Kev had already chatted this AM before I called. The teacher was really angry that the aide made an issue out of it, and didn't discuss it with her first. She felt that it should be a non-issue. I never got an answer as to what the Psych's concerns were.

Mrs. G commented to me that she understands the need to "pick and choose your battles" and that this doesn't need to be one. (even that ticked me off) I told her that it isn't about choosing battles, but about embrassing who are daughter is, and what she is comfortable with at this point in her life.

I also told her that unless the school psychologist is contacting parents of every 5th grade girl who is wearing a thong and push-up bra about the inappropriateness of their underclothes; or every boy who wears a pink polo shirt, I expect this to be an end to the discussion.

I mean honestly... Kenz doesn't see these as "boy" underwear. She likes superheros, sports and racecars. As soon as some one starts putting those designs on "girl" undies, I'll buy them! Whatever happened too the idea of gender neutral for little kids, any way? We're talking about 5 year olds!!

So, let's hear it: Has any one else had issues with school officials over-stepping their boundaries? And, how did you handle it?


PennyCandy said...

I hate to tell you that gender neutral went out a long time ago. Think back to when Shay was 5 did she want trucks and such on her underwear? No she liked pretty things. There just aren't enough tomboys out there to make it worth Fruit of the Looms time.

HeidiTri's said...

Ok. Then can some one, ANY one please make them and sell them on-line? She'd even be psyched for soccer and basketball themes!

Felicia said...

Wow...some people have too much time on their hands (like the teacher's aid) But maybe you should try and see if you can find girl superhero underwear. If not, you can write in the alchemy (sp?) and see if anyone can make some for you at a set price. Just a suggestion!

Sheila said...

Wonder if you can use a maker of fabric pait and make your own on white unders. Too bad Power Rangers isn't big stutt, they had underwear she might have liked.