Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kenzie Update

I brought Kenz to the Dr. for a follow-up on her pneumonia. The Dr. said her lungs are still not clear. Therefore, she added an albuterol inhaler for Kenz to start taking. Her last day of antibiotic is today, but it is one that will continue to work for another 5 days. We return to the Dr on Monday afternoon. Hoefully at that time she'll be cleared to go back to school.

Her energy level and silliness are returning, but are not at 100% yet. She also continues to cry fairly easily, and have some body aches.

Huge Thanks to my Mom, who has willingly watched her for the past 3 days. And thanks to everyone who has been sending positive thoughts and energy in her direction.

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PennyCandy said...

We sure hope Kenz gets the all clear Monday when she goes back to the doctor.