Monday, September 15, 2008

Last full week of training

I'm writing down my training goals for this week, to keep myself on task. It is the last full week of training before the Tri, and ofcourse, Kevin is very busy. So, I don't have a lot of gray area to fit workouts in.

So Here it is:
Today-Rest day.
Tuesday: AM-3 mile run
PM-Bike Ride 10-15 miles
Weds: PM Swim 750 yards.
Thurs: AM 3mile run
Fri: PM-12 mile bike/3mile run/walk.
Indian food!!! (okay, it's not part of a training plan, but I lovve it!)
Sat: AM 5 mile bike to gym, then 750 yard swim, 5 mile bike home!
Sun: Possibly 5k run in Saratoga for a good cause!

That's it. Wish me luck!!

One positive and very exciting side note...I now have muscle definition in my biceps from all the swimming work outs I've done!! I love toned arms!


PennyCandy said...

Good Luck, and thanks for the phone call from Jack today.

Love your big sis

NP Diva said...

wow... that's way more dedication than i even have for food... which i eat alot of down here... lol
good luck mommy! (and i'm jealous of the indian food~ but last night was taco tuesday which = VEGETARIAN BURRITOES A LA SHAYNAAAAAAAAA) lol
love you!