Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bobbing like a Holloween Apple

Last night I went to the Y to try out the wetsuit! It was quite the experience, and I'm glad I didn't wait until Sunday morning to try it on. I got to the Y fairly late, so that there wouldn't be a lot of people in the pool. That plan seemed to be working well, while I was in the locker room. The wetsuit is made of heavy material, I think it's called "neoprene" or something like that. I had read a lot of warnings about not poking holes in the suit with my finger nails, so I was very anxious about getting it on. Plus, by design the suit is supposed to be quite snug (which I Think it is).

I inched and wormed and wiggled and squiggled my way into the suit. OKay..suit is on. Now I just need to zip it up the back. Shouldn't be too hard, since there is a long industrial strengh chord attached to the zipper.Hmmm Did I mention the suit is supposed to be snug? Let me say that I have had an easier time getting in and out of every formal gown I have ever worn! So I stood infront of the full length mirror, doing the "Scarlett O'hara tummy suck" for several minutes. Wishing for the first time in my life that the locker room wasn't deserted! Finally, I asked some kind woman to help me out. She might say I accosted her at the door, as she came in!

Out to the pool I go...Oh no! 2 lanes of swim teams (think 12 year olds who swim 5x's faster than me), 4 lanes of overweight old ladies attempting to do water aerobics, and 2 lap lanes being used guessed it..3 very athletic guys in tri wear!! This was my worst night mare!

Okay, pull it together and walk to the lane, you wimp! Be a Triathlete!

And guess what! The guys were nice, and helpful, and knowledgable about wetsuits! So after we got passed the ridiculous:
Guy #1: "will your boyfriend be at the race to help you out?"
Me: "No. Actually my husband and 3 kids will be there with me."
Guy #1: "Oh...that's good." (nice save buddy)

obvious fish for info, they really helped me.

This is what I learned:
Pull the wetsuit all the way up, so that all the extra room is in my shoulders.
I can bob like an apple when I have a wet suit on!
Using a wetsuit in 83 degree water is insane, and I was swetting by the end of the 3rd lap!
I swim fast, with a little help from my new best friend, Neoprene!
slimming affects of black+being sucked in by neoprene= a fairly slim profile! (I know it's vain, but a girl has to rejoice in thinness when she can get it!)
Even though I thought the suit was snug, the experienced tri guys said I should get a size smaller if I'm going to buy one.

In other Tri related news:
The weather forecast for Sunday is 40% chance of showers, highs in the low seventies.
Taking a cue from my cousin Felicia, I am using a house sitter for the weekend. We'll see how it goes, because I like the theory better than sending the dog to a kennel for the weekend.
And, Belinda called it right; Kenzie wants a wetsuit of her own now!


Felicia said...

omg! That is classic! You go girl for putting your big girl panties on and diving head first in! I wish you much luck this weekend! I can't wait to hear about it! Too bad I'm not there to housesit!

PennyCandy said...

You've still got it. What I really want to know is did you actually bob like a apple?

HeidiTri's said...

Yep! Bobbed up and down like an apple when I curled up in the fetal position! Imagine a full body life preserver, that's what this thing is! I couldn't sink if I wanted too!