Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ready to Roll!

My shoulder is feelin fine!
I did a brick last week that rocked!
I hit 900 yards in the pool, which is 300 more than I need for the race.

I'm feelin' Ready to Roll!

I have 2 new mantras that are keeping me focused and moving. They are, "What's the goal?"
and "13.01"

"What's the goal?" is all about not letting myself stop or slow up. Sometimes the answer is "To finish faster" or"Not to walk". And Sometimes it's as little as ,"Make it to the next mailbox". whatever the answer is, it keeps me moving.

"13.01" refers to my run splits in the last tri. I was very frustrated that I was at 13.01. If I had been 2 seconds faster per mile, I would've been under 13 minute splits. If I had walke just a few seconds less, and run a few seconds more, I would've met that goal. So, "13.01" reminds me to keep going. Push harder, because I don't want to settle for coming close to a goal, but missing it by just a few seconds.

So, I'm feeling strong. I'm feeling motivated. I'm so excited for my upcoming race, and it's still 2 weeks away!


Felicia said...

Good mantras! And I'm glad your shoulder is doing better!

PennyCandy said...

Great that your shoulder is feeling better.

I'm sure you will beat 13:01 this time.

Doohickie said...

Meh. I've feeling terrible... wrenched my back while commuting to work on Tuesday. I'm glad you're better though!