Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday's Ride

This was a celebration ride for paying off the first debt in our "Debt Snowball" plan.

Kevin chose the route, and he said,"It's going to be a little hilly. Is that okay?"

CLick on the "Show elevation" tab in the top right corner of the map. Then, when the elevation box pops up, drag the top green border up, to make the box bigger.

I love his idea of "a little"!


Felicia said...

Woo-Hoo for Debt Snowballing! That's awesome! And it's so funny that I would have picked a completely opposite way to celebrate! lol! To each his own! (Hey, I guess that it's technically free though which goes along with the theme, right?)

HeidiTri's said...

Well, my initial idea was to go out for a nice dinner- butI didn't want to spend the money :)

Felicia said...

True! Of course anything I would have picked would have involved again spending money! Kind of defeats the purpose, huh? ;)